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School Values & Ethos

Our Values:

Our vision is ‘A fantastic future for all’ our students. What does this future look like? Academic success is vital to this and our excellent results demonstrate our ambition for our students. Excellent examination grades are the foundation for a future where students can shape their own careers and our success demonstrates how much the young people of Wythenshawe share this ambition. Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) is publicly funded so it is free for your child to attend, but as an Academy we use our freedoms to shape a curriculum and a school experience which is tailor made to support our students’ development into well rounded young people.

We are supported by lead sponsor Manchester Airport and co-sponsors Wythenshawe Community Housing Group and Manchester City Council; these organisations all help to shape the ethos of the academy and build a bridge between education and business which will bring careers and prosperity not just to your children, but to the community as a whole.

Our curriculum is an academic one, we offer and excel in all the subjects contained in the ‘English Baccalaureate’ suite of qualifications – English, Maths, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages as well as a host of other exciting qualifications. Our 6th Form provision is vocational – offering students a chance to specialise in a particular professional qualification and also study business skills. We set high expectations and all of our students have to buy into our ethos of hard work and personal growth so that they can thrive both at MEA and in their future lives.

Our values are based on the British Cultural values of tolerance, openness and inclusion. We recognise that our community has a different ethnic mix to the city we neighbour and it is vital that our students have an understanding of, and confidence with, the complexity and vibrancy of modern British Culture. We pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos and that students regardless of ability, ethnicity, social background, disability, faith, sexuality will succeed at MEA.

Manchester Enterprise Academy presents a fantastic opportunity for your child to achieve academic success at one of the top 100 most improved schools in England. Our results and improvements demonstrate our commitment to transforming the opportunities available to our students. We hope you will join us and become part of our success story.

Manchester Enterprise Academy – A Fantastic Future for All.



About MEA

Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) is one of the top 100 most improved schools in England and has transformed results in all areas. We are recognised as a centre of excellence in supporting students, from the age of 11-18, to achieve amazing results that significantly improve on national expectations. Our vision of ‘a fantastic future for all’ our students is made real in the amazing results and skills our wonderful pupils develop during their career with us.
“The academy is a good school that has improved students’ achievement significantly year on year. This reflects its vision, ‘A fantastic future for all'”.
- Ofsted, 2015

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