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The Edge

The PIXL Edge

What is the PIXL Edge? 

The PiXL Edge is a framework to develop and accredit students with those personal attributes essential for employability and life.

The scheme will focus on five key attributes:


  1.        Leadership (red path)
  2.        Organisation (green path)
  3.        Initiative (purple path)
  4.        Resilience (blue path)
  5.        Communication (yellow path)

How many different levels are there?

Students will qualify at three levels – PiXL Apprentice, PiXL Graduate and PiXL Master – having completed activity programmes related to the key attributes and accredited through the NCFE examination board.


How will PIXL Edge work at Manchester Enterprise Academy?

At Manchester Enterprise Academy we are launching the PIXL Edge programme with our Year 8’s and they will embark on the PIXL Apprentice Level in January 2015 and will move on to the PIXL Graduate Level in January 2016.


How does the ‘Apprentice Level’ work?

Every student in Year 8 and 9 will be entered for the Apprentice Level.  Every student must achieve 2 credits in each of the five categories below. The examples below outline the types of activities which can be credited as part of the Apprentice Level:


Leadership (2 credits required)

Take responsibility for teaching elements of work to others in the class (1 credit)

Lead a coaching session in PE. (1 credit)

Obtain a position on the School Council and support the work of the team. (1 credit)

Produce a short film outlining the importance of road safety. (1 credit)


Organisation(2 credits required)

Organise a small scale fundraising activity e.g giving nation programme (1 credit)

Compile a series of entries for your year group’s joke book (1 credit)

Compose musical piece for a single instrument or voice which is performed(1 credit)

Organise a team as part of a sports day (1 credit)


Initiative (2 credits required)

Create a high quality wall display independently for a subject department(1 credit)

Volunteer and lead a tutor activity (1 credit)

Enter a national design or creative competition e.g National Geographic Design Competition(1 credit)

Take responsibility for an area of production with a theatre company for a public audience (1 credit)


Resilience (2 credits required)

Achieve a grade 3 music qualification (1 credit)

Complete a residential outdoor activity course (1 credit)

Complete a 5K fun run (1 credit)

Attend a chosen club every week across a term (1 credit)


Communication (2 credits required)

Create an ant-litter/pro recycling campaign in school (1 credit)

Contribute an article to the school magazine (1 credit)

Perform in a school production (1 credit)

Participate in a Mock Trial competition programme (1 credit)


Every activity must be evidenced and signed off by a member of staff.  To be accredited with an ‘Apprentice’ level, students must gain 10 credits in total (2 credits from each category).

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