Year 10

MEA School closure student information: Year 10

In your student pack you will find:

  • Your timetable. Follow this to complete work at home. On your return to school your form tutor will collect this work. Your subject teachers will go over the work in lessons.
  • A set of work to compete for each subject.
  • Instructions on how to complete the work set for each subject. These are below.
  • Portal log in information so you can access work remotely for some subjects.
  • GCSE Pod flyer- log in to revise effective at home and use to help you with your independent study.
  • Please check the website daily for more information on learning at home

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What to do at home


-Macbeth booklet

-Lined paper

Work through the practice questions at the back of the booklet.  Each one should take you 2 days – 1 day to plan and 1 day to write the essay.  Use the planning sheets and suggested ideas to help you. 


•Complete statistics booklet (Higher or Foundation)

•Use Hegarty Maths and PIXL App for learning support (search for videos and quizzes)

•Your class teacher will set you tasks on Hegarty Maths to complete to help with retrieval practice.

•Work through past papers (from Maths Genie website)

•Look up additional practice topics you need to revise for (on CorbettMaths and GCSE Takeaway)


Year 10 Combined

•Follow the instructions on the first page of the booklet.

•For each session read the revision guide information and answer the questions

•Watch the free science lesson videos and read the information on the linked BBC bitesize page

•Remember to access Seneca Learning if your class teacher has set this up for you

Year 10 Biology (Separates)

•Follow the instructions on the A4 page

•For each session read the revision guide information and answer the questions

•Read  the information on the linked BBC bitesize page

•Complete the Seneca quiz

•Complete the RPA booklet

•Complete the biology revision paper

Year 10 Chemistry (Separates)

•Follow the instructions on the A4 page 

•For each session read the revision guide information and answer the questions

•Watch the free science lesson videos and read the information on the linked BBC bitesize page

•Complete the Seneca quiz

•Answer the questions in the required practical booklet

Year 10 Physics (Separates)

•Complete the required practical booklet and answer the questions

•Complete the second booklet with video links to content and grade how confident you are in each topic: red (not confident) amber (OK) and green (very confident).

•From your RAG rating pick which Seneca topics you want to revise


Using Green AQA Revision book .Unit 1A- Climate Change.

Page 15 – Climate Change – The Evidence

Page 16 – Climate Change – Causes

Page 17 – Effects of Climate Change

Page 18-  Managing Climate Change

Page 19 – Revision Summary


-Practice question booklets

-3 x revision guides (already at home)

-Use plain paper/lined paper to work on

We would recommend that you choose a different module each day:

-Monday – Germany

-Tuesday – Cold War up to the 1950s

-Wednesday – Health

-Thursday – Exam question focus

-Friday – Exam question focus


Topic ‘Ciudades’                       

AQA Revision Guide – purple book

AQA Grammar and translation workbook

AQA Vocabulary book – Higher/ Foundation

Active Learn – need individual username (Usually your name with capital letter at start of first and second name) and password ( ‘Password 2018’)

Follow the plan for your work at home. Spend approximately 40 minutes a day on Spanish.

Computer Science

-Revision guide we bought for you

-Seneca topics:

o Systems Architecture

o Memory

o Storage

o Wired and wireless networks

o Network topologies, protocols and layers

o System security

o System software

o 1.8 Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concern

I Media

Use of the portal to complete any missing work:



Art/ 3D Art

Year 10 analysis sheet

Use plain paper/lined paper to work on 

Complete the analysis following the guidelines.

Research the artist/ photographer and write a paragraph about their work.


Please complete Initial Ideas Log for component 3, if not already complete. Please complete Rehearsal Log for Component 3. 



Use purple Edexcel GCSE Business revision book pages – 59-66.

Use paper to create revision mindmaps in relation to the marketing mix and answer the ’Now try this’ questions on each page.

Complete all of the exam style questions which have been provided in the resource pack. Use the revision guide book to check answers. 


Use the guide sheet to complete the external factors work for Jimmy Egan’s gym and Cardinal Maritime.

Make sure each of the different external factors are explained.

Make sure you explain how the factors can have both positive and negative impacts on the 2 businesses.

If you have access to computers – this can be completed on a word document.

If you do not have access to a computer this can be completed on lined paper.



Unit R056 Outdoor Adventure OCR Cambridge National in Sport Studies 

Read the following article about elite level Outdoor Adventure

Watch the following video

Write a report analysing this outdoor activity. What are the benefits? What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting this activity as a hobby?

Once complete select 2 other outdoor activities to analyse


Heath and Social Care

-Health and Social Care Booklet

-Lined/ plain paper to create revision aid

Students to complete the booklet based on Health and Social Care Services.

They should answer all of the questions in the booklet and complete the research tasks.

Students are to create a revision aid based on the information to help with their coursework.


Year 10 key term sheet

Use plain paper/lined paper to work on 

Learn the meanings of the key terms

Match up the images with the key terms and annotate each photograph


•Past Papers

•Exemplar answers

•Revision Booklet

Focus on a different film each day:

•Monday- Invasion of the Body Snatchers

•Tuesday- ET

•Wednesday- Compare IOTBS and ET

Hair and Beauty

-H&B revision booklet.

-Use sheets provided in work booklet (for additional revision/extended writing, please use plain or lined paper).

We would recommend that you choose a different unit each day. Start from the beginning of the booklet.

Travel and Tourism

Use the revision knowledge booklets to prepare for the unit 1 examination. This could can be done in stages using the answer booklet to retrieve information and test knowledge.

There is also a copy of a past paper and the mark scheme which can be completed.

The mark scheme can be used to check the answers and for any questions that are unknown, a different colour pen can be used to create model answers.

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