Year 11

MEA School closure student information: Year 11

In the student pack you will find:

  • Your timetable. Follow this to complete work at home. On your return to school your form tutor will collect this work. Your subject teachers will go over the work in lessons.
  • A set of work to compete for each subject.
  • An exercise book to assist you to complete the work set
  • Instructions on how to complete the work set for each subject. These are below.
  • Portal log in information so you can access work remotely for some subjects.
  • Please check the website daily for more information on learning at home
  • If you need to contact staff for feedback on your work you must only do this form you MEA student email account and only between 9am-3pm. Staff will respond only between 9am-3pm, and this will not be the same day.

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What to do at home



-           English Language Workbook



The workbook covers English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Paper 2 starts on page 48).  Work through the tasks in order.  There are practice papers and example answers at the end of each section.   We suggest you focus on one paper at a time so as not to confuse the skills.


•Complete Final Countdown booklet(s) using worked solutions to check your answers.

•Use Hegarty Maths and PIXL App for learning support.

•Your class teacher will set you tasks on Hegarty Maths to complete.

•Work through past papers (from Maths Genie website)

•Look up additional practice topics you need to revise for (on CorbettMaths and GCSE Takeaway)

•Use your revision guide to make flashcards and test yourself on key knowledge.


Combined Science 

•Follow the instructions on the A4 page

•For each week there is a considerable amount of content you could cover. Use the revision guides to answer the questions

•Follow the freesciencelessons link to watch the videos on youtube.

•Read the information on the BBC bitesize pages indicated and create a 1 page summary of the information. Answer the test questions

•Access Seneca learning and complete any quizzes you can

Biology  (Separates)

•Use the revision guide and pack to complete the practice questions for unit 1 and 2

•Complete the biology RPA question booklet

•Access Seneca learning to complete any additional revision

Chemistry (Separates)

•Complete the required practical booklet for paper 1 and 2 and mark your answers with the mark schemes

•Use the revision guide to complete the revision mat questions

Physics (Separates)

•Complete the required practical booklet and answer the questions

•Complete the second booklet with video links to content and grade how confident you are in each topic: red (not confident) amber (OK) and green (very confident).

•From your RAG rating pick which Seneca topics you want to revise


-Practice question booklets

-Past exam papers

-4 x revision guides (already at home)

-Use plain paper/lined paper/exercise books to work on

We would recommend that you choose a different module each day:

-Monday – Germany

-Tuesday – Cold War

-Wednesday – Health

-Thursday – Norman England

-Friday – Exam question focus


Complete 2 past papers and mark schemes for Physical and Human Geography exams using class book or green revision guide then mark them using the mark scheme.

Then take a different colour pen and add in anything you missed or got wrong. Use this to create model answers.

Pupils need to use their AQA GCSE green Revision Book that has been provided. Students need to revise the following sections:

Unit 1: Living with the physical environment. Q1,2,3,4

Unit 2: Urban Issues and Challenges. Q1,2,3,4

Unit 3: Geographical Applications

To support with this, Exam Practice Question Booklets have been created to use alongside GCSE AQA Green Revision Book, work though the question in the booklet and use the AQA GCSE Geography Green Revision Guide to help.


Module 8 ‘Hacía un mundo mejor’                    

AQA Revision Guide – purple book

AQA Grammar and translation workbook

AQA Vocabulary book – Higher/ Foundation

Active Learn – need individual username (Usually your name with capital letter at start of first and second name) and password ( ‘Password 2018’)

Complete the plan for your work at home. Spend approximately 40 minutes a day on Spanish

Computer Science

Revision guide we bought for you

Use of the portal to complete exam questions:

R:\ICT\Mr Taylor\2019\Computer Science Revision

I Media

Use of the portal to complete any missing work for:




Art/3D Art

Year 11 analysis sheet 

Use plain paper/lined paper to work on  

Complete the analysis following the guidelines. 

Research the artist/ photographer and write a paragraph about their work. 

Complete any drawing and annotation for your ESA. 


Year 11 key term sheet 

Use plain paper/lined paper to work on  

Learn the meanings of the key terms 

Match up the images with the key terms and annotate each photograph. Use this technique to annotate the photographers you are using for your ESA. 


Please complete Initial Ideas Log for component 3, if not already complete. Please complete Rehearsal Log for Component 3, if not already complete.

Please complete Performance Evaluation Log for Component 3.


Make corrections to all previous work using the feedback.

Use the assignment briefs provided to complete the following, if you do not have the briefs, they can be accessed from the website:

Component 2:

Complete Learning Aim A assignment A fully. If you have access to a computer, complete this on a word document. If not, complete on paper.

Complete Learning Aim B assignment. If you have access to a computer, complete this on a powerpoint. If not, complete on paper.


Use the ‘logging onto the portal’ guide sheet to access your student work area.

Using the guidance template from the resources folder:

Resources – Travel and tourism – level 2 – unit 2 – 2019-20

The template should be used to ensure that the appeal of 3 UK destinations is complete (1 seaside/1 countryside/1 city)

Use the itinerary template to plan two holidays to different UK destinations. Each must be for a different visitor type.

If you do not have access to a computer – use the assignment briefs to complete the holiday itinerary tasks on paper.

Health and Social Care

Coursework Booklet. Students are to read the coursework booklet which details everything required in order to complete their final piece of coursework.

Coursework Template. Students are able to type or hand write their coursework using the templates.

Knowledge Organisers (already at home)

Breakdown for Component 3

Revisions Guides (already at home)

They must also use the knowledge organisers and Component 3 Breakdown Booklet to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the exam content.

Hair and Beauty

H&B revision booklet.

Use sheets provided in work booklet (for additional revision/extended writing, please use plain or lined paper).

We would recommend that you choose a different unit each day. Start from the beginning of the booklet.


Students are to work through their bespoke run in plans which detail what specific pieces of work are required to be completed or improved.

Students identified for a re-sit are to use past papers and mark schemes provided as well as the revision booklet provided



•Past Papers

•Exemplar answers

•Revision booklet

Focus on a different film each day:

•Monday- Skyfall

•Tuesday- Slumdog Millionaire

•Wednesday- Let the Right One In

•Thursday- Invasion of the Body Snatchers

•Friday- ET

•Saturday- Hurt Locker


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