Year 12

MEA School closure student information: Year 12

In the student pack you will find:

  • Your timetable. Follow this to complete work at home. On your return to school your form tutor will collect this work. Your subject teachers will go over the work in lessons.
  • A set of work to compete for each subject.
  • Instructions on how to complete the work set for each subject. These are below.
  • Portal log in information so you can access work remotely for some subjects.

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What to do at home



-           English Language Workbook



The workbook covers English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 (Paper 2 starts on page 48).  Work through the tasks in order.  There are practice papers and example answers at the end of each section.   We suggest you focus on one paper at a time so as not to confuse the skills.


•Complete Final Countdown booklet(s) using worked solutions to check your answers.

•Use Hegarty Maths and PIXL App for learning support.

•Your class teacher will set you tasks on Hegarty Maths to complete.

•Work through past papers (from Maths Genie website)

•Look up additional practice topics you need to revise for (on CorbettMaths and GCSE Takeaway)

•Use your revision guide to make flashcards and test yourself on key knowledge.

Health and Social Care

Unit 2 Resources:

-           Exam papers

-           Exam mark schemes

-           Examiners reports

-           Overview of previous exam questions (already at home)

Students to use the unit checklist and the revision guide to create revision sheets for each topic area.

To answer the exam style questions at the bottom of each page and check their answers using the mark scheme at the back of the guide,

Students must also answer all of the exam papers; check their answers using the mark scheme and examiners reports.

Students are also required to create revision aids on any topic areas that they have struggled to answer. 

Unit 14¬ Resources:

-           Learning Aim D Support Pack

-           Learning Aim D Template

Students to complete Unit 14 via Google Classroom.

Students have access to all learning content covered and PowerPoints.

Use the tick sheet, which details the unit criteria as well. Students will be sent electronic reminders to complete work.


Use the revision guide guide to make mindmap notes about:

  • Workplace protocols
  • Factors influencing meeting arrangements
  • Factors influencing transport arrangements
  • Factors influencing accommodation arrangements
  • Interpretation of business documentation.

Answer all revision questions on these topic areas from the guide. 


Use the past paper case study and research template to carry out market research.

Using the checklists – complete your rationale and marketing campaign for the business in the case study.


Students to complete work booklets provided 

  • Unit 3 – Professional development in the sports industry  Learning aim A. Complete initial section of the skills audit using the template and worksheet provided
  • Unit 4 – Sports leadership – Learning aim C. Review of the practical delivery


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