Year 11 - Next Steps

Here you will find our home learning curriculum, ‘MEA Next Steps’.

Future Destinations Survery

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Further careers guidance

If you are worried about your college place, have still not made an application or require any further careers guidance, you can contact Miss Gibson (our careers adviser). You must only email her using your MEA Academy student email account between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Miss Gibson will only reply back to you during these times and only to your MEA Academy student email account.

Her email address is:

Students- We recommend that you work through a mixture of the tasks set.

Please not do not worry if you struggle with some of the activities or tasks set or are unable to complete them all

Please use the table below to continue learning at home to prepare for your Next Steps where you will find:

  • Work to compete
  • Instructions on how to complete the work set
  • Advice on how to stay motivated when learning at home


What to do at home

Unit 9 

You’ve got the Job!

Learning Outcomes: 

To think about the things you need to consider for your first day in your new job  

To learn about the information in your payslip 

To understand how to use the information in your payslip to budget effectively 


Go to ClassCharts and complete the following worksheets: 

  • First Day activity
  • Payslip activity 
  • Budget activity NCS 



Use these top tips to help you stay motivated when learning at home!

Stay focused

  • Organise and plan your daily activities - be consistent each day with your routine.
  • Set yourself mini goals daily and tick them off. Reward yourself if you achieve a set number during the week or day

Maintain a sleep routine

  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night and aim to get 8-10 hours’ sleep to function at your best.
  • Remember your sleep has an impact on your mood, concentration levels and mental health.

Connect with the world around you

  • Stay connected with your friends, school and extended family members via online video chats, messaging or emails.
  • Talk to people and ask for help if you feel sad, worried or have a low mood.
  • Listen to podcasts that interest you, make you feel good and inspire you.
  • Watch YouTube videos about fascinating things or motivational talks.

Do things you love

  • Build little things you love into your routines such as listening to music, drawing or being outside with nature.
  • Create a new playlist of your favourite feel-good songs or watch a feel-good film in the evening.

Keep active

  • Get out in the fresh air and go for a daily walk, jog, run or cycle.
  • Take part in an online yoga or fitness class on YouTube and complete the MEA Sports challenge each day.


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