Year 11 Preparation - MEA Sixth Form

To help you prepare to study at MEA Sixth Form next year, each subject has provided you with a range of tasks, activities, research or reading.

Students who have applied to MEA Sixth Form or are still considering applying - We recommend that you work through a mixture of the tasks set.


What to do at home 


Task 1: Skeletal system

  • Label the skeletal system diagram (Use the internet to help you)
  • Label which bones make up the appendicular skeleton and which make up the axial skeleton.

Task 2: Muscular System

  • Label the muscular system diagram (Use the internet to help you)
  • Find the antagonistic muscle pairs from the diagram. (These are the muscles that work together). Provide specific sporting examples of when they are used.

Task 3: Respiratory system

  • Label the respiratory system diagram (Use the internet to help you)
  • Where does the process of gaseous exchange take place in this process? Describe how and explain why this takes place. 

Task 4: Cardiovascular System

  • Label the diagram of the heart (Use the internet to help you) 
  • Learn the process of blood flow through the heart. Write down the order from start to finish. State when the blood is oxygenated and deoxygenated. 

Health and Social Care



Task 1: Keywords and definitions 

Research the meanings of these words. Please do not copy and paste, try to put them into your own words to show your understanding.

Task 2: Age ranges and key features

Complete the table by filling the columns with the correct age range for each life stage. You must also include key features of each life stage to demonstrate your understanding. 

Task 3: Piaget

Identify three facts about Piaget, using the YouTube clip to help you. 

Provide a brief description of the four stages of cognitive development and explain which life stages this is relevant to any why.

Task 4: Emotional and Social development 

Using this table and your general knowledge (you can research if you need to) what positive and negative events can affect a person's emotional and social development?

Task 5: Documentary 

If possible, watch the clip form the documentary. Write a short summary about the documentary. Who, what, where, when, why? Include all key information of the story. Explain what was thought provoking about it and the questions it led to. How did it make you feel?

Task 6: Student evaluation

Create and complete the table answering the questions in detail.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship







  • Research an entrepreneur of your choice (some suggestions are provided in the template)
  • Complete a profile about this entrepreneur explaining why they have been successful by completing the different sections of the template.
  • Use the internet to research the key terms provided in the activity sheet – create definitions of your own for each of the key terms.
  • A marketing mix template has been provided – carry out research on Apple in order to complete the sections of the template and explain how Apple has used it’s marketing to help become such a successful business.

Use these top tips to help you stay motivated when learning at home! 

Stay focused

  • Organise and plan your daily activities - be consistent each day with your routine.
  • Set yourself mini goals daily and tick them off. Reward yourself if you achieve a set number during the week or day

Maintain a sleep routine

  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night and aim to get 8-10 hours sleep to function at your best.
  • Remember your sleep has an impact on your mood, concentration levels and mental health.

Connect with the world around you

  • Stay connected with your friends, school and extended family members via online video chats, messaging or emails.
  • Talk to people and ask for help if you feel sad, worried or have a low mood.
  • Listen to podcasts which interest you, make you feel good and inspire you.
  • Watch YouTube videos about fascinating things or motivational talks.

Do things you love

  • Build little things you love into your routines such as listening to music, drawing or being outside with nature.
  • Create a new playlist of your favourite feel-good songs or watch a feel-good film in the evening.

Keep active

  • Get out in the fresh air and go for a daily walk, jog, run or cycle.
  • Take part in an online yoga or fitness class on YouTube, and complete the MEA Sports challenge each day.


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