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MEA Stretch - KS3

At MEA, we aim to raise ambition, aspiration and create a passion for learning which will help our students achieve a fantastic future.

To help and support you explore your subjects further and deepen your knowledge, have a look at the MEA Stretch resources provided below for you.

These are voluntary MEA Stretch activities which supplement, but are not a requirement of, the core curriculum. You can do all or some of them if you wish but you are not required to. 


PiXL Stretch

To stretch your learning and further embed your knowledge, we are working in partnership with PiXL to provide students with stretch learning materials in Year 7, Year 8, and Year 9. The resources have been designed to help you with a range of knowledge and will support you in deepening and embedding that knowledge.

What is PiXL Stretch?

The PiXL Stretch resources include a range of subject-specific Knowledge Mats with information and some activities/questions to consider about the concepts and knowledge you will be expected to know as part of your study for each subject. There are also extension Activity Booklets which dig deeper into the knowledge and concepts you will explore in the mats.

Why should we use PiXL Stretch?

The increased content of the new GCSE exams means that you will be expected to know more knowledge and to understand it more deeply. As well as this, knowledge of many of the concepts will help you in life beyond school when you have jobs, volunteering roles and other experiences.

What should you do?

  1. Have a go at completing the” Knowledge Mats and Activity Booklets.”
  2. Hand in to your subject teacher.
  3. There will be a reward for students who complete the booklets and activities.


Hegarty Maths

All our students at MEA have access to the fantastic learning platform Once logged on you can search for any topic, watch a video that will teach you about it and then do a quiz to test your progress. The topics (clips) are numbered so if you want to extend your learning on a particular topic, you can simply do the clip numbers that follow it.

A guide to accessing Hegarty Maths can be found here.


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