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Remote Learning Timetable During School Closure

  • For the duration of the Academy closure, the normal Academy day and student timetable has been suspended. Instead each student should follow the timetable for their year group below. Teachers and classes on MS Teams will remain the same, but when lessons are on during the week is different.
  • Each year group will follow a set timetable for learning - this is on MS Teams. Year group timetables are below.
  • Students need to be ready to learn, either via live lesson or MS Teams lesson for 9.00am each day and follow the year group timetable for each day. Where there are live lessons, students should be ready and activate the Zoom link 5 minutes before the start to ensure all students can enter the session on time.
  • Each session is either a remote learning session uploaded to MS Teams at 9.00am on the morning of the lesson (these are the sessions in white boxes) or a live lesson hosted on Zoom with links in the MS Teams class (these are the coloured boxes).
  • There are also sessions dedicated to completing Assignments for each subject (these are posted on MS Teams in the correct class on Monday by 9.00am for each subject each week). Students must complete them by the deadline set by their teacher for that week.
  • Assignments are published on Teams each week for each class, which students should complete (once they have followed the lessons for that week) and submit to be marked. This may be a quiz, a short answer question, or an extended piece of writing. This will vary across subjects. This assignment is to be completed and returned to the teacher. It will be in the ‘Assignment’ tab. These Assignments are also set in ClassCharts so parents can view them.
  • Staff will usually provide feedback on Assignments to students within 1 week of the submission deadline e.g. if it is due in on Wednesday and submitted on time, students will have feedback before Wednesday of the following week. 

Ms J Evans, Vice Principal - Curriculum and Standards, has overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education.

Year 7 Timetable

Year 8 Timetable

Year 9 Timetable

Year 10 Timetable

Year 11 Timetable

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