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Progress Exams

To support students with their learning they are provided with a revision material for each subject, containing the key information they must learn for each subject. Independent study is set regularly and is based on the content of the revision material. This will be a combination of retrieval practice and exam practice. Independent Study is set on MS Teams and recorded on Class Charts for students. This must be completed on time and to a high standard. Completion of Independent Study is included on Student reviews, which are sent out twice during the year, after each set of Progress Exams.

Students will sit Progress Exams in each subject twice during the academic year. These are completed in exam conditions. During this time the normal timetable is suspended, and students will be issued with a Progress Exam timetable. It is important students know when these Progress Exams are, so that they can prepare at home using their revision guides and any other material provided by their teachers. 

Year 13 Progress Exams are completed during the following weeks:

w/c 11th October 2021- Maths and English GCSE Resit 

w/c 8th November 2021

w/c 17th January 2022

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