Our Vision & Values

Vision and Values

Our vision of ‘a fantastic future for all’ our students is easy to understand but complex to achieve as the future evolves so rapidly around us. Students have to adapt in order to build a secure and resilient future. With an innovative curriculum and high expectations in terms of commitment and hard work, we strive to make sure our students can compete with their peers nationally and internationally.  We firmly believe that we must have the highest expectations of attainment and behaviour for all, especially disadvantaged, students as this is the best way to help students progress, rather than look for excuses for them not doing so. 

Our values can best be summarised as being safe, respectful, ready and kind.  More specifically, we value mutual respect, openness and inclusion. We recognise that our community has a different ethnic mix to much of our city, and it is vital that our students have an understanding of, and confidence with, the complexity and vibrancy of modern British Culture. We pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos and that students regardless of ability, ethnicity, social background, disability, faith, sexuality or gender identity will succeed at MEA. 

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