Years 7-10 & 12 - Microsoft Teams

The MEA Consolidates home learning curriculum has moved to a new on-line learning platform called Microsoft Teams.

This is accessed, at no cost, on a computer or laptop via Office 365 or through the app store on mobile phones and tablets.

In Microsoft Teams, each class a student belongs to appears as a Team, in which staff set work and assignments. It allows students to submit work (called assignments) every 2 weeks and have it marked by their teachers, as well as being able to get help if they are struggling with the work.

Students will use their Academy email address and password to log in to Microsoft Teams.

The Academy Office cannot access or reset student logins. If students can’t remember their login details, please email with the full name and year group of the student and we will re-set it for you. 


Details of how to use Microsoft Teams have been posted out to all students and are available here.

In addition we have produced some Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also click here to access a video tutorial: Student & Parent Guide to Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams accounts will only be activated on Monday 1st June, you will not be able to log in before this date.


If students do not have access to an electronic device, we will still provide work packs via post for English, Maths and Science if requested. This can be returned for marking by taking and uploading an image of the work to Microsoft Teams, or students can mark it themselves using the mark scheme provided.

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