Careers and Employability

At MEA, our careers programme is based on Gatsby Benchmarks which is a key framework for practice in school and colleges.

The table below shows the range of careers and employability opportunities available to students across the whole school.

Each opportunity has been signposted to the following Gatsby Benchmarks:

Gatsby benchmark   Year 8 
A stable career programme  
  • MEA has a stable and well-structured careers programme that has been approved by the schools Governors. 

  • The careers programme is published on the school’s website so students, parents, teachers and employers can access and understand it 

  • It is regularly evaluated with feedback from students, parents, teachers and employers as part of the evaluation process 

Learning from careers and labour market information 
  • Careers Assembly 

  • Labour Market Assembly/ form time PPT 

  • Tutor time careers focus 

  • National Apprenticeship Week Assembly and Activities 

  • Careers Education in FF - My Future: The World of Work  

Addressing the needs of each pupil 
  • Careers drop-in sessions break, lunch and after school 

  • MUF mentoring and guidance 

Linking curriculum learning to careers 
  • European Day of Language (exploring the importance of languages) 

  • Careers Fair 

  • STEM week 

Encounters with employers and employees 
  • Mentoring programmes  

  • National Apprenticeship Week Assembly and Activities 

  • National Careers Week 

  • Accenture: Employ me Project 

  • Employability Skills form time focus. 

Experiences of workplaces   
Encounter with Further Higher Education 
  • Careers drop-in sessions break, lunch and after school 

  • Manchester University Gateways IAG Programme 

Personal Guidance 
  • Career conversations (personal guidance) a part of form time focus/ assemblies 

  • Half termly email from Careers advisor to parents – providing links to further advice and guidance 


The Careers Leader at MEA is Ms K Yates, Assistant Vice Principal.  If you require any further information about our careers programme please contact Ms Oakes via our main reception on 0161 499 2726.

Karin Positive Steps

Karin Davidson a careers advisor from Positive Steps is at the Academy every Tuesday and Wednesday to provide careers guidance on an appointment basis for Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.  Karin also offers a drop in session at break for all students.

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