Travel to and from school

Students represent the Academy on their way to and from school and must behave appropriately in line with our Behaviour for Learning Policy. We value our good reputation in the community and expect all students to act as ambassadors at all times.

Students are encouraged to walk or travel by bike, as part of the Healthy Schools initiative. There are two bike sheds that students can use, students must bring a suitable lock and ensure that their bike has been secured before starting their day. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to bikes/scooters.

All students between the ages of 11 and 16 need an IGO pass if they wish to travel at the concessionary (reduced fare) rate on buses, trains and trams. The IGO pass is like an ID Card and proves the student is eligible to travel at the concessionary fare with Greater Manchester. It should be carried on all journeys and shown to the driver before paying the fare. The IGO pass costs £10 and can only be bought by students who live or go to school in Greater Manchester. For more information and to apply, please visit the TfGM website:

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