Big Tests

Students will sit three Big Tests in each subject. These are completed in subject classrooms, during lesson time. It is important students know when these tests are, so that they can prepare at home using their Knowledge Organisers and any other material provided by their teachers. 

These assessments are an important opportunity for students and their teachers to gain a good understanding of how they are performing and establish any gaps in knowledge or understanding that need to be addressed.

Timetables detailing when assessments will take place in each subject will be available in advance of each assessment week.

Year 9 BigTest - Revision Materials and Timetable for January '24

Click here for the Year 9 Big Test Revision List

Click here for the Year 9 Big Test Timetable

Click here for the Year 9 Spanish Revision Materials

Click here for the Year 9 History Revision Booklet





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