Independent Study

What is Independent Study?

Independent study is learning, that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum and is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. Independent study enhances student learning, improves achievement and develops students' study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum. 

Research shows that independent study has a positive impact on student progress. At MEA we believe independent study is an essential part of learning and expect all our students to engage with it in a positive way.

Aims of Independent Study

Independent study enables students to:

  • Embed crucial knowledge in to their long term memory.
  • Build a greater knowledge base to which new learning can be anchored.
  • Take ownership and responsibility for their learning. 
  • Enhance their study skills e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline. 

Independent Study Timetable

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 should spend approximately 1 hour each evening completing Independent Study. This increases to 2 hours per evening for students in Years 10 and 11.

Please see below for recommended quantity and frequency of independent learning in Year 7:

Subject Frequency Duration Type
English Weekly 30 mins Workbook
Maths Weekly 30 mins Sparx (on-line)
Science Weekly 30 mins Booklet
History Fortnightly 30 mins Booklet
Geography Fortnightly 30 mins Booklet
Spanish Fortnightly 30 mins Task sheet until Languagnut up and running
Digital Enterprise Fortnightly 30 mins Task sheet
Art Fortnightly 30 mins Homework sheets
Food Fortnightly 30 mins N/A
Music Fortnightly 30 mins Retrieval questions
Performing Arts Fortnightly 30 mins Practice skills/routines learned in lesson

How can parents and carers help with Independent Study?

Parents and carers can support students by viewing independent study as an important part of their learning, by discussing Independent Study with them and encouraging them to be organised in completing it. Providing a quiet area at home for students to study in is also very helpful.


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