Using Zoom Safely

  1. If your child is using Zoom to participate in classes with their teacher, you can expect that the teachers will have put in place precautions such as two-factor authentication with a meeting ID and user password and locking the session so that no new participants can join. If you have concerns, check in with the teacher to see if the session is password protected and the class secure.


  1. If your child is using Zoom to chat/meet with friends, take the time to ensure that they understand how to use the App safely and that they are familiar with the security features.


  1. Remind your child, that as with any App or online facility, they shouldn’t be video chatting with strangers or people they don't know in person and that they should never join a meeting or accept a request from someone you don’t actually know. Also remind them that they should avoid saying or doing anything on video that they wouldn’t feel comfortable having shared outside the group.


  1. Make sure you and your child consider what background is visible when they are on Zoom so as the privacy of other family members and the security of the home is protected. For example, consider using a Zoom virtual background such as Minecraft so that messy rooms or family living areas aren’t visible in the background.


  1. Explain, in an age appropriate way, what ‘Zoom bombing’ is and instruct them to tell you or another trusted adult if something happens online that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable.


  1. As with any online activity, it’s important for parents to monitor their child’s video chats. That doesn’t mean hovering over their shoulder all day - but it does mean keeping an eye and an ear out at frequent intervals. And now, more than ever, be sure to keep all devices out of bedroom.
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