Stress & Wellbeing Webinar 

Tuesday 1st December '20

We are going to be exploring 2020's most requested topic: stress and wellbeing. 

Is your child panicking about exams? Have you noticed they are retreating lately? Or running on a short fuse?

You are not alone. We have heard you. 

These are the most common concerns we have heard from parents over the last few months and we are going to be addressing these concerns. Join us and 2000 other parents from across the UK as we show you:

  • Surprising symptoms of stress
  • How you can support and stabilise your child in tougher periods
  • Strategies to manage exam-related stress so your child can achieve their best



Tuesday 1st December

6pm - 7pm


When the time is right (6:00pm), you can join  by just clicking the button below (best joined on computer rather than mobile)


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