Big Tests

At MEA, student progress is regularly assessed within lessons by teachers. This in class assessment is an important opportunity for students and their teachers to gain a good understanding of how they are performing and establish any gaps in knowledge or understanding that need to be addressed. 

In addition, each subject area designs their own formal assessment (or test) for each year group in years 7, 8 and 9 to ensure we are assessing the full range of content and skills of the national curriculum. 

Progress is gauged by using professional judgement to determine from the range of evidence available (formative - in class - and summative - testing assessment) what each student is likely to achieve at the end of their curriculum journey (Year 11). This is then colour coded for parents in relation to child's individual target (targets based on CATS testing or KS2 SATs). 


Year 8 Big Tests May '24


Copy of Y8 BIG TESTS

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