General Information

The Rainbow Flag Award provides us with a framework through which homophobia, biphobia and transphobia can be tackled. The award complements a whole range of other initiatives across the academy, such as our Diversity Ambassadors, which promote inclusivity for all, helping us to provide ‘A Fantastic Future for All’. 

We will work through six criteria that promote LGBT inclusivity, visibility and awareness across all of our provision:

  • Skilled Teacher - Equipping teachers with confidence and knowledge to understand, tackle and prevent LGBTphobic bullying.
  • Supportive Governors and Parents - Governors and parents understand the need to combat LGBTphobic bullying and know where to go for information.   
  • Effective Policies - Effective policies are in place to address LGBT phobic bullying and encourage LGBT+ inclusion.
  • Inclusive Curriculum - Teaching and non-teaching staff positively include LGBT+ identities and themes across the curriculum.
  • Pastoral Support - Non-judgemental pastoral staff support students experiencing, or at risk of perpetrating, LGBTphobic bullying, and can support students exploring sexuality, gender, coming out and LGBT+ identities. They can offer 1-2-1 support and safe places, as well as appropriate referral pathways.
  • Pupil Voice - Students are encouraged to take ownership of combating bullying and promoting inclusion.
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