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Final Lloyds Mentoring Event

Posted on: 25/04/2024

This week the last cohort of Year 11 Lloyds Mentoring students came together with their mentors to celebrate their progress, achievements and development over the last 2 years. But sadly it also concluded the Mentoring programme.

The programme was set up in January 2015 and was designed to be a Female Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme for Year 10 and 11 girls, but the programme has grown over the last 9 years and included girls from Year 9, and boys and girls from years 10 and 11. The idea was to match up successful Lloyds Bank employees with MEA students, giving them role models who would help broaden their horizons.

Having a mentor meant students were encouraged to reach their full potential, understand themselves better, build resilience and prepare them for the world of work or go onto a positive post 16 destination.

It's been an amazing journey over the last 9 years and the impact of the programme is clear to see from a previous mentees feedback:  Catherine T, aged 23 now.  She went on to University to study Criminology and Psychology. She said she couldn't have asked for a better mentor. The impact from the mentoring sessions made her believe in herself, gave her aspirations, set goals and helped her work towards them. It made a big impact to her life.

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